Maximising Space In A Small Baby Room
Here are a few great ideas that will help you maximise space in a small baby room.

The Baby Furniture Cheat Sheet - Some Tips To Keep In Mind
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing the baby room ahead of your child's arrival.

Baby Furniture Basics - What Will You Need?
Providing for your child's needs is part of being a parent, and baby furniture is an important early consideration.

Amazing Sensory Toys For Your Baby's Development
Your child's development at an early stage in his or her life can benefit from the right kind of sensory toys.

Room In A Box - The Ultimate Investment
Dream Furniture's room in a box concept is a fantastic investment, as it means purchasing quality at a great price.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby And Parents
Here are a few gift ideas for newborn babies, expecting parents or those spoiling their little ones this festive season.

Cot Safety Tips For Your Newborn
It's important to keep in mind some basic safety information when preparing your new baby's cot.

Baby Furniture Essentials For A Perfect Nursery
It's important to ensure that your child's baby furniture needs are catered to before they arrive in the world.

A Rocker Feeding Chair Will Become Your Favourite Piece Of Furniture
Nothing compares to the feeling of sitting in a rocking chair to spend quality time with your baby.

New Baby Room Must-Have - Dingle Dangle Heartfelt Sets
We have something special and new that will keep your little one entertained and occupied for hours.

Boy Or Girl? Gender Neutral Ideas For Your Baby Room
Some guidelines for you to ensure that your little one has a beautiful room, regardless of gender.

New Trend For Your Nursery - A Feature Wall
Perhaps looking at one of the most popular trends of the day will inspire you - the feature wall.

Does Your Baby Room Need A Change? Wallpaper Is The Answer
Refresh your baby room by using wallpaper to give your little one's nursery a completely new look.

Spoil Your Little One With Wonderful Nursery Accessories
Spoil your little one with these wonderful nursery accessory gift ideas that fit any occasion.

Get The Most Out Of Your Baby Crib Early On
Here are a few effective ways to help get your baby to sleep comfortably in their new crib.

New Mom To Be? Trust Us, Get A Rocking Chair
Allow us to suggest one piece of baby furniture that is all too often ignored or underappreciated.

Your Little One Deserves A Magical Room
Here are a few hints at how you can bring a little bit of magic into your little one's room.

Beat The Winter Cold With Baby Linen
Your little one feels the cold far more than you do, so their warmth and comfort is paramount in winter.

Tips For Your Baby Changing Area
Here are a few tips that can help to make your nappy changing area comfortable for all concerned.

Gift Certificates – Taking The Pressure Out Of Gift-Giving
Here are a few reasons why a Dream Furniture gift certificate is your best gift option…

Baby Furniture Trends Worth Following In 2017
Here are a few trends for 2017 that are worth keeping in mind as far as your baby furniture needs go.

Festive Season Wishes For You And Yours
We want to take the opportunity to wish all those reading this a wonderful and blessed festive season.

Six Safety Features That Are Key To Baby Furniture
Here are a few of the baby furniture safety features that clients can count on with expertly crafted pieces.

Baby Linen Bundle Guide – What You Need To Know
When buying the baby linen that you will be using for your little one, there are important things to consider.

Wonderful Baby Room Christmas Gifts For Your Little One
If you are shopping for something wonderful that could add to your baby's nursery, here are some suggestions.

Wall To Wall Wow - Baby Room Wall Decor Ideas
Here are a few ways in which you can use the walls of your baby room as a great décor element.

A Nursing Rocking Chair Combines Comfort And Bonding
When feeding, there is no better place to spend quality time with your new little bundle of joy.

What To Consider When Buying A Cot Mattress
These are a few things that parents should consider when buying a cot mattress for their little one.

Refresh Your Baby Room To Keep Things Interesting
Here are a few decorating ideas to help you refresh and revitalise your baby room in time for warmer weather.

Baby Room Storage – You're Going To Need Plenty
Here are a few ideas that will help you to prepare the best possible baby room from a storage perspective.

A Women's Month Tribute To Mothers
We support moms in our own little way, providing the best quality baby furniture and accessories for little ones.

Convertible Baby Furniture For The Win
It is useful to consider an investment in convertible baby furniture for the long-term benefits of this option.

Rocker Chair - A Must For A New Baby Room
Few pieces of baby furniture will offer the comfort and practicality that a rocker chair does.

Baby Furniture Checklist - Let Your Baby's Activities Dictate Their Needs
Think about your baby's day to day needs in order to decide on the baby furniture that your nursery will require.

Four Reasons Why Investing In Baby Linen Is A Good Idea
This is why investing in baby linen will continue to produce returns in your baby's lifestyle and happiness.

Furniture For Teens And Kids Rooms – What They Need
Here are a few children's furniture options that your son or daughter will appreciate in their room.

Cuddle Up With Baby Linen That Your Little One Will Love
Baby linen plays a part in preparing the perfect cot for your child, where the little bundle of joy will spend a great deal of time.

Winter Is Coming – Make Sure Your Baby Room Is Warm And Cosy
Winter is around the corner, and it is important for those with little ones to make sure they stay warm and comfortable.

There's No Place Like Home - Make Your Baby Room A Sanctuary
Here are a few ways in which a baby room can be made into a wonderful little sanctuary that your child will love.

The Countdown Begins - When Should You Order Your Baby Furniture?
When is the right time to order these elements that will be used daily and appreciated by you and your baby?

Five Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Baby Room
Here are a few great ideas to help you maximise the potential of your small nursery.

Affordable Baby Room Decorating Ideas
Here are a few baby room decorating ideas that will not break the bank.

Activities To Enjoy With The Little One This Valetines Day
Here are a few of the activities that you can enjoy with your family this Valentines Day.

Nurture Great Little Minds In Your Baby Room
Ensure that your baby room is a haven for learning and imagination to develop your child's mind and intellect.

Five Baby Furniture Trends For 2016
These are a selection of trends that will define 2016 as far as baby furniture is concerned.

Baby Furniture Safety Tips
As a parent or guardian, your most important duty is to keep your child safe and out of harm's way.

Spoil Your Child With A New Look Room This Festive Season
The festive season is well and truly upon us, and of course gifts for the little ones in your life become an important part of this time of year.

Focus On The Floor – A Rug Is The Perfect Addition To Your Baby Room
When planning a baby room, or looking to update or improve it, few people consider floor, instead opting to look at the walls, cot and other elements of baby furniture that will be used in the room.

Nursery Accessories Add Character To Your Baby Room
A baby room is a sanctuary of rest and play for your little one, but it is also their first experience of home and a space of their very own, which is why customising this space with elements that give it character is important.

The Feeding Chair – A Perfect Place To Bond With Baby
There is nothing as special as those sweet moments when your little angel is quietly enjoying time spent relaxing with mom and dad..

An Interior Decorator’s Insight Into Baby Furniture
We know that it can be a daunting task to plan a baby room and start from scratch in order to make it the perfect mini-living space for your little one.

What To Consider When Preparing To Buy Baby Furniture
Congrats! You are pregnant and excited to bring life into the world, but along with this special and wonderful blessing, come all of the considerations with regards to planning for the little one’s arrival.

Five Things That Make Dream Furniture Unique
Dream Furniture is a unique company in many ways, with a special passion for baby and children’s furniture defining everything that we do.

Baby furniture
Looking for baby furniture to create your perfect baby nursery? Wondering how to plan your baby nursery, and where to start? We recommend starting with your baby furniture.

Sleigh Baby cot with matching Large 4 Drawer Compactum
If you prefer the stylish curved finish of the sleigh design for your Baby furniture, this set is a must.